My Drones
My goal is always to provide my customers with creative aerial videography and photography safely and efficiently. AAIC prefers to utilize unmanned aircraft systems that have proven track records for safe, reliable performance. I continually strive to add new designs as they mature and pass my own stringent evaluation.  If you have a preferred system required (not seen here) for your job, please contact me.
The DJI Inspire 1 V2 provides a versatile aerial imaging platform capable of capturing professional quality 4K video up to 30fps and 12 mp still photos. It has been used for countless film, documentary, and advertising seqences and is now seen as an "industry standard" quadcopter system.
The Phantom 4 Pro Series quadcopter bridges the gap between consumer and professional sUAS. Providing excellent 4k video up to 60 fps and 20 mp photos in a small, easily manuvered platform.
The VectorP UAV was designed in 2000 and has been flying all over the world ever since. Conceived as a"pick-up truck" for scientific studies, the VectorP was further developed from 2005-2009 and saw overall weight reduced by 15% while endurance and payload capacity increased from 1 hour/5 pounds to over 5 hours and 15 pounds. AAIC's VectorP called "UAS-Lab" is the last one off the production line and was obtained from a DOD contractor who intended to use it as a development aircraft. I offer this as a Part 107 regulation platform to carry your sensors aloft.
AAIC Provides Creative Photography and Videography to Maryland and Mid-Atlantic Region.
We specialize in drones ! FAA Certified & Insured with over 20 years unmanned aircraft systems experience.
Film Production / Commercial Properties / Advertising / Construction / Real Estate / Social Media
We do not discriminate at Maryland's Advanced Aerial Imaging Concepts (AAIC) Everyone is welcome


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